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With a little bit of knowledge, applying vinyl stickers is not as hard as it could be. But like all skills, the more you practice the better you get.

How do you put on vinyl stickers? Watch Video

We get asked this question a lot. The real question is what are you putting the vinyl onto?  This clip shows the basics of vinyl application.

If the surface you are trying to apply the vinyl onto has a compound curve in it, or ribs running through it, you may not find it as easy as you think.

But if you understand the principles involved, you will be able to modify your technique to suit.

Do I have to clean first, and if so how good? Watch Video

The secret of surface preparation is making it clean. Your sticker is only going to stick to what it is applied to, so if it is stuck to grease, it will not stay there for very long.

We use a 4 step process.

1 - Wipe of dust or wash off dirt.

2 - Clean with a water based cleaner to remove any water based muck like bugs

3 - Clean with a solvent based cleaner,like wax and grease remover. This removes any oil based grime like polish or road grime

4 - IsoPropol Alcohol to get any remaining residue.

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