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    Stubby coolers are great. These days we are not limited to screenprinted text on black. Printing methods have improved to allow full colour photos and effects. We recommend full colour Stubby coolers, mainly for effect and freedom, but also because we have more satisfaction in designing them.

    Our coolers are made from 5mm neoprene and have glued and stitched seams. They also come with a glued in base.


Our prices for full colour coolers are as follows - includes all setup costs.

 25+ coolers - $11.00ea

 50+ coolers - $6.60ea

 100 + coolers - $5.50ea

 200 + coolers - $4.95ea

 500 + coolers - $4.40ea


    You will always find a cheaper price somewhere.  Our prices cover the cost of designing and all setup fees. The design itself remains ours. If you like the design and wish to use it elsewhere, the file is available for purchase. See our design page for details

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