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20 Raedon St, Biloela Qld 4715

    Since the beginning, Horizon signs has always seen the value of the work vehicle as an advertising goldmine. Nothing has worked as hard or as effectively as our car.

    Living in Biloela there are not too many chances to do a car wrap. So we are our own guinea pigs in learning and developing techniques to apply on our customers vehicles. Vinyl selection seems to help significantly. Our first car was wrapped with standard cast vinyl, making life very difficult on the compound curves. We have since used 3M’s IJ180CV vinyl range to help with this. Winter is also a big problem. We did our car on one of the coldest weekends in June. Not only was application a pain, the vinyl would turn to confetti and destroy itself. Big lesson learnt.

    Our Current car, Falcon ute, has had a full wrap with not very much paint showing. We used 3M’s latest car wrap vinyl, 380CV3. Great product to use.  We have again used this product for the latest livery.

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